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Shame to talk; shame to be silent.

Shame that I dance without considering the aesthetic and entertainment needs of others; shame at the suggestion that I would presume to know what those needs are.

Shame at dancing’s lack of utility; shame at comprehensive unabashed efficacy.

Shame that I don’t forgive us humans for the once seemingly necessary and defensible but by now unconscionable mishandling of the planet, its flora and its other fauna; shame that I don’t feel deeply enough the obvious; that this corruptive domination is of self, a slow motion suicide, the ultimate biting of the hand that feeds.

Excerpt from Aidos, Douglas Dunn, 2015.


Image credit: Aidos, Photo by Beowulf Sheehan, 2018

Dancers L to R: Jules Bakshi, Alexandra Berger, Jake Szczypek, Timothy Ward, Emily Pope, Acée Francis Laird

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