Shame if my dancing were ever to arrive completely to believing in itself; shame not to be striving daily for such belief.

Shame that I insist on a dance language that does not translate to reason and verbal consciousness; shame that I don’t go all the way and cease to speak.

Shame to put the experience of the dancer first; shame to be put the experience of the viewer first.

Shame at going for attention by pretending not to want any; shame at wanting any.

Shame to live within fantasy; shame to suppose any other reality.

Excerpt from Aidos, Douglas Dunn, 2015

* * *

Image credit: CRAG, Photo by Boyd Hagen, 2019

Dancers L to R: Douglas Dunn, Jake Szczypek, Acée Francis Laird, Christopher Williams,

Janet Charleston, Emily Pope, Jin Ju Song-Begin, Kara Hestevold, Grazia Della-Terza

Costumes: Andrew Jordan

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