Dunn's Hypothesis of Immediate Perception asserts the unproven assumption that each of us has a direct line to an involuntary receiving system sensitive to the dynamics, textures, colors, temperatures, actions, images and feelings that surround us during every waking minute; that, therefore, the experience of watching with interest an ant crawl up a tree is transferable to watching a dancer make a move you've not seen before.

Excerpt from Dancer Out of Sight,
The Collected Writings of Douglas Dunn

Image credits:

Top image by Tom Caravaglia, Comme Si, 2013; Dancers: Jules Bakshi, Jin Ju Song-Begin, Paul Singh.  Bottom image by Robert Cooper, Aubade2014; Dancers left to right: Paul Singh, Jake Szczypek, Emily Pope, Christopher Williams, Alexandra Berger, Jin Ju Song-Begin


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