Below is the schedule for the DD+D Vain Combat gang for Wednesday, September 27th. 

If you arrive at a site/time listed below and see no action, text  Kelsie right away at 347-260-2093. She will respond immediately with our changed timing and whereabouts. (We should be nearby, having perhaps been kicked off our intended locale by dance-wary private property police.)


Wed, Sept 27

Show in front of Barclays Center, Brooklyn




For the full Vain Combat September calendar click HERE

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How convince the viewer of its truth and beauty when asserting a phrase? By obliquely weaving into it your awareness of the fact of its basis in artifice? If you consider this sort of convincing unacceptable wile, beware of falling into the way of sincerity, a posture immediately attenuated by the a priori pretense of the stage.

Excerpt from Dancer Out of Sight,
The Collected Writings of Douglas Dunn

Image credit:

Vain Combat, Photo Ian Douglas, 2016

Dancers Left to Right:

Timothy Ward, Jake Szczypek, Emily Bock, Jin Ju Song-Begin, Alexandra Berger, Emily Pope


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