New work for nine dancers (60 minutes)

Monday through Saturday, April 23,24,25,26,27,28

541 Broadway - Third floor

Doors open at 7:00 - Curtain at 8:00


Following the performance on Tuesday, April 24,

Wendy Perron will talk with Douglas about his work


Tandem - Performers: Douglas Dunn, Jules Bakshi, Alexandra Berger, Emily Pope, Jin Ju Song-Begin, Paul Singh, Jake Szczypek, Timothy Ward, Christopher Williams

 Dunn writes: "The new piece imagines wide space. You look out over a savannah, turning your head. What's going on over to the left, what's going on over to the right? In the studio, audience will sit against the brick wall, allowing maximum sideways stretch. The title? With bodies, singly or together, one move must follow another. While working, I consider this limitation an opportunity."



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I like talk that distinguishes not degrees, but kinds of expressivity. Both acted dancing and "plain dancing" are expressive, a shy person's disclosure not less than, but different from, that of a show-off.

Excerpt from Dancer Out of Sight,
The Collected Writings of Douglas Dunn

Image credit Left to Right:

Forest Fever, Photo by Susan Dunn, 1983; Cassations, Photo by Jacob Burckhardt, 2012

Dancers Left to Right:

Douglas Dunn; Gabriella Hiatt, Miguel Anaya, Grazia Della-Terza


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