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Dixon Place Presents

"8 in Show" with

Douglas Dunn + Dancers performing Oh Acis

Wednesday, November 29 at 7:30 pm

at Dixon Place in NYC

Dancers L to R: Douglas Dunn, Emily Pope, Paul Singh; Photo by Garry Platt, 2017

Dancers L to R: Douglas Dunn, Emily Pope, Paul Singh; Photo by Garry Platt, 2017

Oh Acis is a trio of dancing the story from Ovid's Metamorphoses and the lovers Acis and Galatea. Polyphemus in jealousy kills Acis, but Galatea turns Acis into a river as immortal as herself.  

Music: Excerpts from the Giovanni Battista Bononcini opera, Polifemo

Dancers: Douglas Dunn, Emily Pope, Paul Singh

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The  Dixon  Place  Lounge  is  open  before  and  after  the  show, and  you  can  bring  your  drink  in  the  theater!  Bar  proceeds  directly  support  DP’s  artists and  mission.


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Salon Ed Bowes

Saturday, December 9th

541 Broadway, NYC - Buzzer 19

7:30 pm

Film still from Seahorse Powder Room, 2017

Film still from Seahorse Powder Room, 2017

Join us for the premiere of

Seahorse Powder Room

and  Q & A with the filmmaker


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About the film:

Seahorse Powder Room spends personal time with two adults and two children; variously writers, thinkers, and musicians, presenting in a weave of text, considerations of Judith Butler and queer poetics, a severed fox head and performance, as they mix in the the shadow of words, light and impermanence. The performers are Steven Taylor, Serena Chopra, Uli Miller and Patrick Pethybridge.


About Ed Bowes:

Ed Bowes is a writer, director and cinematographer, who has been making his own movies for four decades.  His first major project, Romance, was the first feature-length narrative shot on location and in video. Subsequent movies have included Better, Stronger How to Fly and Spitting Glass-which was funded by Channel 4 in England and shown on major PPS stations throughout the U.S. 

Bowes worked overseas after the Berlin Wall came down for the Soros Foundation’s Open Society Fund and Interviews, consulting and training at independent television stations in Bosnia, Kazakstan, Russia, Armenia, Croatia, and Macedonia. 

His films of the past decade include Gold Hill, Grisaille, The Value of Small SkeletonsAgainst the Slope of Social SpeechAkilah Oliver 3 Readings and Entanglement, a script written with poet Anne Waldman. 


Doors open at 6:45 pm

Film running time is approx. 45 minutes

Suggested donation amount: $10



















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